CSGI - Clean Sweet Group Inc

The Solution

Research demonstrates reducing microbial contamination in the environment reduces the risk of infection, and while ultraviolet light (UV-C) is a proven germicide, numerous barriers exist to effectively implement and use this technology for room disinfection. As a result, numerous facilities have deemed UV-C unusable, costly, and ineffective in lowering hospital acquired infections. CSGI provides scalable solutions to implement disinfection technology across geographies with a clinically-effective, measurable, and replicable methodology.

From CSGI’s Analytics Management Portal (AMP) to state-of-the-art ultraviolet disinfection technology, CSGI provides a complete suite of implementation solutions to customers. AMP, CSGI’s proprietary program management software, provides the tools for UV field operators to systematically attack fomite transmission throughout a facility as well as the tools for program managers to measure operator productivity. Customers may utilize CSGI’s field UV operators directly, or customers may purchase the UV technology with an “ease-of-use” focused training for facility staff and ongoing program support solutions.

As a result of using CSGI’s UV implementation solutions, a community hospital realized a facility-wide, 34.3% reduction (p <0.001) in hospital acquired infections and a savings of greater than $500,000 in 6 months post-implementation.

CSGI works hard at bringing true value to customers by:

  • Showing a return on investment ranging from thousands to millions of dollars after implementing CSGI protocols and software support systems to maximize the effectiveness of disinfection technologies.
  • Reducing the cost of implementing advanced technology by using fewer devices and operators to disinfect more locations.
  • Improving HCAHPS scores and/or better customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Providing persistent and proactive on-site education to healthcare providers, patients, and their visitors.
  • Implementing long-term outreach programs to help lower acute care facility readmission rates.
  • Increasing UV disinfection frequency by over 1,000%.
  • Incorporating a statistical measurement of treatment quality for every disinfection intervention.
  • Providing a standardized, measurable process to disinfect customer facilities.

There are three main components to CSGI’s UV implementation solution:

Advanced Disinfection Technology

Evidence-Based Methodology and Electronic Reporting

Infection Prevention Analysis and Education