CSGI - Clean Sweet Group Inc


As safe as any fluorescent bulb in your facility.

The RoHS and REACH endorse and ensure that energy efficient, long life, trace mercury vapor content, compact fluorescent lamp designs are safe to use in healthcare, homes and municipal water treatment plants. The IRiS™ 3200m and IRiS™ 1140m utilize RoHS and REACH endorsed bulbs. The bulbs deliver the most powerful, efficient, germicidal UVC to provide the safest environment for patients, their visitors and healthcare professionals. The technology is trusted by hospitals and is safe your home.

CSGI and IPT are committed to UV-C safety and efficacy.

The IRiS™ devices use Light Source, Inc. (Connecticut, USA) Low Pressure UVC lamps in a single tube linear configuration and a twin tube compact lamp design.  The trace mercury vapor content within the lamp is equivalent to linear and compact fluorescent lamps currently used within your facility or home.  In the highly unlikely event that a lamp were broken, simply  follow your current policy and procedure for glass cleanup and disposal of a broken fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamp, or municipality regulation IAW www.lamprecycle.org.

No personal protective respiratory equipment is required during cleanup a broken Light Source, Inc. UVC lamp. The major hazard from broken lamps is the possibility of sustaining glass cuts. Light Source, Inc. MSDS documents correlate the trace mercury vapor content at an ultra-low 0.025% of the total gas contained within the lamp.