CSGI - Clean Sweet Group Inc


Harmful organisms do not start and stop at the foot of a bed. Pathogens proliferate throughout facilities via complex and patterned transmission networks.

CSGI’s clinically proven methodology breaks the chain of infection using advanced disinfection technologies to target systemic transmission points within a facility, including clinical and non-clinical spaces. Guided by the latest epidemiological research and evidence-based best practices, CSGI’s methodology is designed to:

  • Identify and intervene high-risk transmission routes, minimizing microbial reservoirs and  preempting deadly outbreak
  • Strategic targeting of critical infection prevention targets (communal spaces, portable equipment, etc.)
  • Maximize technology utilization and efficacy
  • Guarantee time efficient disinfection treatments
  • Real-time reporting and treatment tracking
  • Pushed Email service reports and analytics

Electronic Reporting and Disinfection Documentation

Clean Sweep Group, Inc. delivers regular assessment reports to ensure quality of service over time. CSGI’s unique service model incorporates the IRiS™ 3200m’s Steri-Trak™, a web based data tracking, scheduling program that ensures our team meets your compliance requirements.

Steri-Trak™ allows customers to track their account activity online and in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Details of all disinfection treatments are available electronically through any web-enabled device.

Steri-Trak™ produces automatic reports on:

  • When a room/space was treated
  • What type of treatment a room/space received
  • Which CSGI technician conducted the treatment

Our proprietary step-by-step process has been proven in clinical settings and adapted for use in many other facilities, including schools, cruise ships, sports centers, restaurants, kitchens, hotels, homes and more.