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The RDS-30 Spectra product series offers an essential disinfection tool in a healthcare facilities environmental program against the spread of deadly pathogens. The RDS-30 [18” x 12.5” x 13.5”] is compact in size and designed for use at nurse stations and lounges. The RDS-32, [28” x 12.5” x 13.5”] is designed for mobile room-to-room applications and central depositories. In addition to the main door access for unplugged items such as, medical instruments, shared tools, medical tablets, keyboards, cell phones and handheld communication devices, each unit has a side access door to facilitate fast decontamination of plugged-in items [wired] such as TV remotes controls, desk phones and wall mounted medical equipment.

The RDS-30 / 32 models are specifically designed to kill virtually all pathogens including C. Diff. Spores to a reduction of 99.96% in a single 30 second cycle.

INDEPENDENTLY TESTED & VERIFIED: Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, JAN 2015 - Reports #: NG5770 & NG5593 C.diff Spores Reduction = 99.96% (3.43 Log10) in 30 seconds MRSA Reduction = 99.97% (3.49 Log10) in 30 seconds

FEATURES: Bi-Directional Custom High Output UVC Germicidal Lamps [6] One Touch Control Custom Ultra-Pure Q-Shelf eliminates shadows for simultaneous decontamination Easy Access Front and Side Doors to service both wired and wireless objects Visual, Audio and a Digital Display of System Status

APPLICATIONS: Medical Instruments & Tools • Bed Controls • TV Remotes • Computer Keyboards • Test Equipment • Thermometer • Blood Pressure Cuffs

RDS-30 SERIES MINIMUM UVC DOSAGE in Micro-Watt-Seconds per Square Centimeter: TIME (SECONDS) DOSAGE (µW SECONDS / CM²) 30 > 280,000 Recommended Treatment = 1 Cycle of 30 Seconds Personal Items • Phones • Hospital Communicators • Keyboards • Stethoscope