CSGI - Clean Sweet Group Inc

Noted CSGI Customers:

CSGI direct service model piloted at HCH/BMC dramatically reduced the number of individual HAIs, the hospital’s HAI incidence proportion and incidence rate, and significantly reduced the overall cost related to patients with HAIs at HCH/BMC.

Nathanael Napolitano, MPH
Director of Epidemiology and Infection Control
Hollywood Community Hospital at Brotman Medical Center

Dear Stan:

We use the Clean Sweep Group in Surgery, GI and Recovery to sterilize the rooms
following our patients with infectious diseases. There is an increase in the number of
patients coming into the hospital with various virulent types of infections and we need to
be very diligent not to pass these infections on to other patients.

Surgical Site Infections are very costly to the hospital, longer length of stay, higher use of
medications and supplies, reimbursement related to Core Measures and most importantly
the health of our patients.
The surgery personnel clean the room to the best of their ability, but the use of the UV
sterilization eliminates bacteria and viruses that may have been missed or are in hard to
reach places. The CSGI personnel who operate the ultra violet machine are very
knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Many times they are here before we have an
opportunity to call them because they track the patients who are in isolation.
I believe we owe our patients the best technology available to keep them free from


Patricia Willis
Director Perioperative Services
Hollywood Community Hospital at Brotman Medical Center

Dear Stan,

……I believe this new technology has a major role in improving patient outcomes and
reducing the cost associated with HAIs. In my opinion it is not only successful in
reducing nosocomial infections, but has the additional benefit of provided a clear
message to our employees that Brotman is committed to reducing the spread of these life
threatening infections.

When our employees witness the machine being utilized in the hospital, it generates
interest and a heightened awareness around the importance of containing and preventing
disease transmission. In the last few months I have seen a dramatic improvement in
compliance with all the other infection prevention practices, such as the wearing of
gowns, gloves and masks appropriately………
Thank you for your continued support,

Peter Hobday RN CCRN CRNI
Director of Vascular Access Service
Director of Education

Dear Stan,

The UV sterilization machine is a necessary piece of equipment in the cath lab. We are receiving
more and more patients with existing infectious diseases. This is very concerning as the cath lab
inserts many implantable devices, so there is a tremendous risk for infection and possible cross contamination. There is no way that the cath lab can ever be cleaned well enough to eradicate
pathogens entirely by an individual, without the assistance of the UV Sterilization machine.
We need UV sterilization to provide a cleaner, safer environment to our patients……

Thank you.

Louise Miles, RN
Cardiac Cath Lab